Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/19/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/19/06

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Marlena: (about Lois) Oh, my god. You were right. She is so crazy. Alex: Oh, she passed crazy a long time ago.

Jennifer: I mean, since eve, have there been any other special women in your life or...? Frankie: Yeah. A few. [ Chuckles ] Uh, names? Carmen. Yeah. And, uh, Courtney and Claudia. Claudia, yeah. Jennifer: Very alliterative. Frankie: I guess so. Yeah, but they didn't work out, so... Jennifer: Why not? Frankie: I don't know. Maybe I should have moved on to the D'S.

Jennifer: Oh, come on. Honestly, you're a successful attorney. You are an incredibly handsome man, Frankie. Frankie: Have you been drinking?

Lois: (Marlena is dangling from the ledge and Lois tries to pick her fingers off one by one) This little piggy went to Hades. Marlena: No, you can't do this! Lois: You were so sure sir Alex was gonna rescue you. Wrong! This little piggy went home. Marlena: Oh! You can't let me fall! You can't do that! Lois: Why not? I've waited a long time to finally have the upper hand on you, Marlena.

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