Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/13/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/13/06

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Marlena: I'm fine. I'm fine. Alex would never ever hurt me. Belle: How can you say that? According to dad, Alex was on the ledge outside your bedroom window with a gun. Marlena: You know, your dad tends to overreact sometimes.

Carrie: (Austin blindfolds Carrie before leading her to a surprise) Oh, my goodness. I think the last time I was blindfolded was sally Keenan’s sixth-grade birthday party. I pinned the tail on the donkey's forehead. Austin: Okay, I hope I could top that one. That sounds kind of tough.

John: Oh, man. What's this damn world coming to, anyway? Earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes. Abe: Terrorists and new diseases, and who knows what's coming next? John: Yeah, look what's happening in our own backyard -- Marlena’s amnesia, belle's daughter's fighting for her life, Zach’s dead. Now you're telling me it's Bo's car. If DiMera weren't behind bars, I'd think he were behind all this. Abe: Well, for once, I don't think we can blame any of this on him.

Lois: John, where's Marlena? Is she still resting in her office? John: Why do you ask? Alex: (able to hear all but not able to speak) [Thinking] Because she wants to kill Marlena, you idiot!

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