Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/5/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/5/06

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Sami: Well, this turned out to be quite a party. Austin: Oh, yeah, yeah. Compared to some of the less successful parties you've had in the past -- very good, very good. Sami: What is that supposed to mean? Austin: Look, I'm sorry. It just seems that you're starting the new year off on the right foot. Carrie: For once.

Sami: I'm really happy for both of you, and if you're ever in the market for a wedding dress, I have a whole handful in my closet, don't I, Austin? Austin: Yes, you do. You could open up your own boutique.

Max: You know, I could have given Chelsea driving lessons. Bo: She doesn't need to learn how to corner at 150 miles an hour. Max: Oh, I would have kept it under 100.

Cop: (finds a piece of broken taillight) Oh, yeah. We got a real-life "law & order" investigation going on here. Dennis farina's got nothing on me.

Eugenia: Mm-hmm. Stay out of trouble next year, okay, Samster? Sami: I will if you stay out of my life.

Sami: (to Austin as she cleans up from the party) Oh, my god, I don't believe this. Nicole went through my entire bottle of vodka. On second thought, I do believe it.

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