Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/29/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/29/05

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Sami: (to her mirror alter ego) Why are you back all of a sudden? I mean, this is a really lousy time for me to develop a conscience.

Samiís alter ego: You cannot blame this on Nicole, Sami. You know that Carrie is the CEO that Austin is about to destroy. And you know that it's gonna almost kill them both, and you think somehow it's gonna win you points with Austin? That he's gonna fall madly in love with you? Are you certifiably insane?

Carrie: She must have been making a play for you. Austin: Oh, you know, it's a reflex for Sami.

Lucas: Do me a favor. You got to keep your voice down. Eugenia: I didn't know anybody else was here. Do you have a babe stashed in the bedroom? Lucas: That babe is my mother, all right?

Samiís alter ego: (to Sami) Yes, and now you're gonna get seven more years of bad luck for breaking this mirror. Like you could use more bad luck.

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