Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/27/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/27/05

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Provided By Danielle

Will: (Carrie mentions that Will has grown up so fast) Well, with the mom I grew up with, you’ve either got to grow up fast or turn to illegal substances.

Sami: So Nicole, are you upset because you miss LA? Your staked out corner on Hollywood and Vine?

Sami: (defending her decision to give Austin a bathrobe for Christmas) I am intimately familiar with Austin’s size...

Nicole: No guy is waiting in line to date the woman who has spent more money on wedding gowns than any woman in America. Woo, wonder why?

Carrie: (there is a knock on the door after the nosy neighbor had already stopped by) Wonder what that neighbor from hell wants now? (Carrie opens the door to find Sami there instead) Lucas: Oh, the neighbor from hell certainly fits.

Hope: (Frankie broke his leg by falling on the ice as he was leaving town so Jennifer insists on having him stay until his leg heals) Well, I learned something today, the true meaning of the expression “lucky break.”

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