Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/1/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/1/05

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Sami: You are such a liar. I can tell by the way that you look at him -- the way you're all huddled up next to him at his desk. Nicole: It's called "working." Sami: Right -- you working him.

Sami: Nicole, I think this is a big mistake. In fact, should I say "another big mistake"? Nicole: You're wrong, Sami. Or should I say "you're wrong again, as usual"?

Sami: (about Willís schoolwork) Yeah. I want to know what happened to his "A" in math. How did it drop so quickly? You are making him do his homework, right? Lucas: Yes, mommy, I'm making him do his homework.

Nicole: (to Sami) Your first ex-husband will be living in your second ex-husband's loft. Or was Brandon your third? It's so hard to keep them straight. Anyway, you know, you would think that your landlord would give you some kind of "former victims of Sami Brady" discount.

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