Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/7/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/7/05

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John: (John gets around Alex’s refusal to let Marlena call him by calling Marlena instead) Hello, Marlena. Marlena: (she doesn’t know that John is watching and listening in from Kate’s suite) John. I was just talking about you. John: I was just talking about you. Great minds think alike. Marlena: I'm afraid my mind's not so good. [Chuckles]

Sami: (Sami is angry because Austin has excluded her from a business dinner with him and Nicole) Should I have milk and cookies waiting for you? Nicole: I'd love a martini with those cookies. Austin: That's not funny. Nicole: Sorry.

Sami: Look, Austin was the first love of my life, and he deserves better than to be with Nicole. I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone. I lost Austin. I lost Lucas. What am I supposed to do? Maggie: Sami, first of all, I think you're being way too dramatic. There's a big world out there with more than two men living in it.

Kate: (to Alex) So, what do you think of our crazy town of Salem, doctor? You know, you could really make a fortune if you had more than one patient, don't you think?

Kate: (to Alex) So, why don't you try being an adult and accept that the way that I have and get the hell out of Marlena's life?

Nicole: (they overhear Sami sighing loudly) It sounded like a bear or a wolf or something. Austin: I don't think any wild animals like that are around here. Nicole: (looks into the bushes and spots Sami) No. No, just a bitch in heat.

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