Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/25/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/25/05

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Lucas: (advising Austin against working with Nicole and Sami) Yeah. I tried to make it work with them for years. It burned me. It burned me in ways I can't begin to explain. They're gonna do the same thing to you, so watch out, all right? When they backstab you and they lie to you and they destroy you, I'll be down the hall, just laughing my butt off.

Austin: (Lucas has just warned him against working with Nicole and Sami) This might not be the best idea I've ever had.

Nicole: Austin, don't let Lucas change your mind. He's just angry because Sami betrayed him. It's her specialty.

Nicole: Wow. Lucas got over you already? That's too bad. Sami: That's right -- I just can't manage to have relationships as successful as yours. Like, maybe with Eric -- how you scared him so bad that he had to leave town and never come back?

Lucas: I'll make you a deal. I won't bring up the blond bimbo who runs Alice’s if you don't bring up the blond bimbo I didn't marry. Maggie: Deal.

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