Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/12/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/12/05

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Austin: (Sami wants to keep the toaster oven that she and Lucas were given) Sami...these are wedding gifts. You didn't have a wedding.

Jennifer: (to Jack) Lexie pronounced you dead once already. That was a little premature, don't you think?

Lucas: Well, now that victor's cut you off, maybe I should, too. Nicole: Oh, god. I have the most annoying ex-husbands in the world, you not-so-anonymous alcoholics.

Austin: Yeah. Yeah, like that. So, are you...are you really ready to do the hard work that it takes to change? Or is this all just lip service? Sami: Well, my lips haven't been serviced in a while. Someday I hope to change that.

Nicole: Please, Victor. I have a little more pride than that. I just happen to see two people over here ordering martinis, looking like they were plotting something, and I thought to myself [Gasps] "Kindred spirits." Oh! I just did one of those little double-entendre thingies, you know, "spirits" as in "souls," and "spirits" as in "alcohol," and speaking of doubles... I can use another. Ooh.

Lucas: (Kate is complaining that Lucas is working in a bar when hes a recovering alcoholic) Well, since you're so high on saving me from myself, why don't you just dress up like Stan, wait till the place closes, and try to burn it down? That way you can blame it on Sami.

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