Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/5/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/5/05

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John: (talking about how Marlena looked at Claire) And don't tell me that you don't remember that. Marlena: I do remember it. It was yesterday!

Sami: (Austin has just opened the door from inside Samiís apartment half dressed) Oh, my god. This is not what it looks like. Austin: She's telling you the truth. Lucas: That would be the first time, wouldn't it?

Lucas: (Sami claims to not have known she was working for Tony) You didn't know that he was behind this? You didn't ask? You didn't think about it? You didn't wonder? I know you, Sami. That's bull. You're smarter than that. Sami: Right, now you're mad at me because I'm not clairvoyant?

Kate: (about Sami) I had no idea that she was so self-destructive that she'd align herself with Tony Dimera. Lucas: Self-destructive? That's Samiís middle name. You didn't know that?

Kate: (about Austin) Yeah, great, 'cause Sami is capable of anything. She could have drugged him. Lucas: Well, if she drugged him, she learned it from you.

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