Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/4/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/4/05

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John: Dr. North, I think there's real hope for a breakthrough here. I mean, Marlena was there through belle's labor, helped her deliver the baby, (turning to speak to Marlena now) and you remembered quite a bit of your doctoring skills all the way back to med school. I'm only saying that because I don't think you delivered too many babies as a psychiatrist. And with our daughter giving birth for the first time outside the safety of a hospital and not having an O.R. Around, thank god you were there, because you not only saved the baby's life, but you saved belle's life. I was thinking, you go to the hospital, you see the baby, you give belle the chance to thank you just kind of completes the whole experience for you. Now, how's that for shrink talk, huh?
Julie: Doug nearly sprained his ankle leaping out of bed and pulling his pants on -- Jennifer: I didn't even think that you could be sleeping. Doug: Oh, we weren't... sleeping. Jennifer: Oh...oh... I'm sorry. Julie: [Laughs] Darling, why do you think we always look so happy?
John: (upon walking into Lexie’s office and finding Alex with her) Oh, man. You know, you're like that bad penny. Wherever I go, you always turn up.

Marlena: (she is telling Belle about how she called out Shawn’s name during labor) Yeah, your old boyfriend. You don't recall? Belle: No. I guess I was out of my mind with pain. Marlena: Well, now you know how it feels not to remember something.

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