Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/3/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/3/05

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Provided By Danielle

Hope: (to Bo) Now, on a happier note, (unzips her jacket), Iíve got something for you that I think will put a very big smile on your face. (Bo tosses the bread heíd been eating across the room and advances toward Hope with the idea that they are going to make love but Hope holds up her jacket to stop him) Not that!

Austin: (to Kate about why heís out with Sami) She was a mess. I couldnít just leave her there. Kate: Yes! Yes, you could have left her there!

Billie: (upon walking in to the new dance club) Wow, I didnít know there was a place in Salem like this. Patrick: Itís been here a while. You donít get out much? Billie: Obviously not.

Hope: (Bo hoists Hope over his shoulder and carries her into the bedroom) Youíre such a caveman!

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