Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/26/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/26/05

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Provided By Danielle

Mimi: (Shawn suggests that it would be cheaper to walk out with the rental shoes) Shh! That's shoplifting. Shawn D.: Not like I haven't been to jail before. Mimi: I've been to jail, too! We could be like the next bonnie and Clyde if we steal the bowling shoes. Shawn D.: We would really send a message.

Mimi: (to Shawn as they bowl) Well, at least you're not sending them down the gutter, like Samiís wedding.

Sami: (another attempt to defend being Stan by blaming someone else) You know Brady hates me! Lucas: Everybody hates you. Don't you understand that?!

Patrick: I'm gonna say hi to my sister, mimi. She's here with shawn. Chelsea: Great. Your sister's here with my half brother. This town is so incestuous.

Austin: (Kathy has just recapped the story of how he and Sami broke up) Yes. Amazing recall, especially the schnook part. Kathy: Well, I watch a lot of soaps. You gotta really pay attention to the flashbacks, though. Otherwise, it gets very confusing.

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