Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/19/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/19/05

By Danielle

Bo: (about Chelsea's revealing outfit) She's not going out, you know, to the church -- in public wearing...whatever that was, is she? Hope: It's a little...mature. Bo: Mature? Jennifer: Mature? We're mature. We don't dress like that.

Bo: (about Chelsea's revealing outfit) Why would Kate give her something like that? She's a bad influence on my daughter. Hope: No kidding.

Hope: (about Chelsea's revealing outfit) Hold it. It could be one of the hottest things in paris right now. Jennifer: Or vegas.

Kate: (as Billie declares she won't be attending the wedding) And it would break Lucas' heart if his only sister wasn't at his wedding to see him marry the love of his life. Billie: Oh, my, you actually got those words out without choking. You are amazing.

Roman: Today is your wedding day. And this one -- believe me -- is going to stick. Sami: Dad, why'd you have to say it like that? Is everyone laughing at me? Roman: What, are you kidding me? They're laying odds out there, taking bets, right out in the parking lot.

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