Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/29/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/29/05

By Danielle

Kate: (about Sami) Oh, my god. I am so not in the mood for guessing games. Just give me the details, Nicole. What was the disguise? Was she dressed like a hooker? No, wait a minute. That wouldn't be a disguise because she always looks like that.

Sami: [ Sighs ] Why does this have to happen to me? I mean, I'm supposed to be this happy bride-to-be, getting ready for my wedding. Instead, I have to help that monster break out of jail. God. Why does he always end up having power over me? For once, I would just like to be able to run my own life.

Bo: (to Billie about Patrick) You trust him because you're sleeping with him. That's not a reason. My daughter's life is at stake here. Hope: (to Bo) Chelsea is on a date. Why would you think she isn't fine. (whispers) Oh, and by the way, for the record, I trust Patrick, and I'm not sleeping with him. Bo: (whispers back) Thanks for the input.

Kate: So call her back. Here's the quarter. Take it. Nicole: Said the snake to eve. "It's just an apple. Don't you want a juicy apple?" [ Hisses ]

Nicole: (to Kate) I told you all I'm gonna tell you. A pile of cash? Do you know how much money it takes to get through one week in Salem? Food, clothing, shelter, caffeine, more caffeine.

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