Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/23/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/23/05

By Danielle

Hope: (gesturing with her hands to Patrick) Chelsea is trouble with a capital "T."

Marlena: (to Alex) [ Sobbing ] I know that I had cheated on my husband, I know at least once. I was pregnant with my ex-husband's child. I -- [ Sniffles ] I-I'm just being told this over and over and over. And here I am, with my therapist, and you're only trying to help me, and I -- what kind of terrible person am I? What must you think of me? I feel like a cheap whore.

Marlena: (as Alex details her past at the hands of the DiMeras) Oh, my gosh. That sounds like some kind of science fiction.

Bo: (as Billie describes Chelsea's attempts to seduce Patrick in the past) You make her sound like Lolita.

Bo: Ma, I will always need your advice. Don't you worry. Everything will work out. Caroline: Yeah. Famous last words.

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