Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/29/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/29/05

By Danielle

Kate: What is really going on with you, Roman? I mean, do you want out? Because I think the relationship is a little crowded right now.

Nicole: I need Brady back. Brady: (having overheard) Oh, Nicole... like that's ever going to happen. How you doing? Good to see you again. Starting early, I see. Drinking in the morning. Talking to yourself. You're a real role model, you know that?

Shawn D.: (defending Belle to Mimi) No, we had this talk, and we both agreed that as soon as Philip is okay and he is fully recovered, you know, his rehabilitation is done and he's able to walk, she will tell him that she's really in love with me. Mimi: Oh, God, I'd pay a million bucks to see that, Shawn. Oh, I don't have a million bucks. Doesn't matter. It'll never happen.

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