Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/20/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/20/05

By Danielle

Sami: (Lucas returns Samiís shampoo as a way of getting everything about her out of his life) Lucas, I -- Lucas: You don't understand. Next time your shower's out, just go to the "Y."

Bo: Yeah. Listen, let's make a deal. You have that kind of news to tell me, find some less-dramatic way to do it -- not in front of half of Salem when we're renewing our wedding vows. Hope: You mean like when it's just...the two of us...outside alone somewhere? Bo: Yeah. You're -- no, you're not. Hope: Nah, just gotcha

Bo: Whoa... that was one heck of a way for John to find out Marlena's pregnant. Did you see how shocked he was? Hope: Probably not as shocked as Marlena was when she found out.

John: Easy, easy, easy... I want you to come right over here, sit down, put a pillow behind your back, put your feet up in the air. Marlena: I am pregnant. I am not an invalid. John: Yeah, yeah, you might be pregnant, but you're pregnant with my baby. So from now until you deliver, you're gonna be spoiled. Marlena: Then what -- after that, I'm on my own?

Bo: (to Billie) And you were wrong to make me think you were Hope when we were trapped down in that pit. I don't give a damn if you thought we were gonna die. I don't care if you thought you had a vision of St. Jude. It was wrong.

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