Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/12/05

By Danielle

Kate: (to Shawn) This is my daughter-in-law. This is my business. This is none of your business, and I want you to leave. I said, "get out." Belle: Actually, this is my apartment, and you have no right to tell Shawn to leave.

Brady: Oh, I was just wondering what your schedule was like today -- that's all. John: Always loose for you. Brady: (meaning Chloe) Really? Well, how would you like to spend the day with your son and the love of his life? John: If you're talking about Nicole, my schedule just tightened up, kid.

Kate: I don't want to see my children hurt, Lucas. Lucas: Mom, we're not children anymore. We're adults.

Bo: That's exactly the kind of attitude I'm talking about. When are you gonna start taking responsibility for your actions? When are you stop acting on impulse and start to think things through first? Shawn D.: I don't know, dad. When are you?

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