Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/11/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/11/05

By Danielle

Mimi: I'm just afraid that this is all a dream. Rex: It is. It's a dream come true.

Kate: Lucas, I demand to know what is going on here. Sami: Or what? You're gonna send him to bed without his supper?

Lucas: All right, fine. If you're right, if my mom was really behind this, which i don't think she was, but if... why would she recruit Eugenia of all people? Sami: Because it's exactly what I would have done. Damn it! I underestimated her. She got me by thinking exactly the way I do.

Kate: So, honey, what was Sami doing here, anyway? No, no, let me guess. What, was she rambling on about how I set her up, how I was the one at fault for her winding up with Brandon, in bed with Brandon the night before her wedding -- the wedding that i busted my butt to arrange and then unarrange? And then what did she do -- try to seduce you or coerce you into getting back together again? Am I right about this? Lucas: Yeah, you're right. What, are you psychic? Kate: No, that's because that's the only song that jukebox plays.

Philip: (Philip & Belle’s attempt at lovemaking was interrupted by a knock on the door) [ Chuckles ] How come I feel like I'm a teenager about to be caught by my mother? Belle: [ Laughs ] Kate: Hey! Belle: Philip, it is your mother.

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