Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/22/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/22/05

By Danielle

Abe: Is your lover gone? Lexie: [ Scoffs ] He is not my -- yes, Abe. Tek just zipped his pants up and left. There. Feel better?

Chelsea: Oh, my god. Look at him there. I would lose my virginity to a guy like him in a Salem minute. What? Like you're planning on staying a virgin forever? Abby: Well, no, but since we're gonna be with my parents today, I'll probably still be one when I get home tonight.

Abby: You were never our age. Jennifer: Abby, I was so a teenager... once. (after Abby and Chelsea walk away) A pretty hot one, if I do say so myself.

Nicole: I'm sorry, Brady. I know how much Chloe meant to you. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Brady: [ Thinking ] Yeah, you could lead me to Chloe.

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