Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/13/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/13/05

By Danielle

Sami: (about Nicole) I'm not jumpy, okay? It's just she's crazy, and she hates me. Lucas: Get used to that, because just about everybody in Salem hates you.

Lucas: Sami, I don't have any time to deal with your paranoia right now, all right?

John: I thought you...told me that Tony just told you what was happening. Marlena: He did whatever he could to torture us. But the visuals were especially effective.

Shawn D.: Kate had no right to attack you like that. Belle: I'm almost getting used to it by now.

Lucas: Why the hell are you giving her such a hard time? She's been minding her own business. Nicole: [Chuckles] Since when does Sami mind her own business?

Nicole: (to Lucas) And for the record, unlike half the people in this town who are supposed to be dead, Chloe really is.

John: (to Marlena) saying that Roman is your Shawn and I'm your Philip?

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