Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/1/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/1/05

By Danielle

Brady: Chloe was killed in a very tragic car accident in Europe. Her ashes were brought back to Salem. We had a memorial service. Since when do you bring back the dead, Tony?

Jack: (Lexie) You know, vampires don't even need this much blood.

Jennifer: What? What prize-winning lures? Jack: Well, they will be prize-winning as soon I land the biggest trout in the history of smith island. Jennifer: All right, Lexie, you know what? I think my husband is back to his old self, and that would be delusional!

Chloe: Tony DiMera? I thought he was dead. Nicole: Yeah, that's what we all thought. But the man's like a cockroach. He's indestructible.

Tony: (to Brady about Chloe being alive) Oh, I know I have an excellent imagination... but I could never make up a story like this..

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