Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/12/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/12/05

By Danielle

Maggie: (to Jennifer about Bonnie) That blond bimbo is going down.

Bonnie: (to Mickey) Listen to me. I promise you, if you clear my little girl's name, I will make it worth your while. Maggie: Oh, I object.

Lexie: (to Jennifer) Yeah, everything went just fine. He's healthy as a horse. Jack: [ Neighs ]

Jack: Well, I got a little heart murmur. You want to hear it? Jennifer: You do? Jack: Yeah, here, listen. It's right -- right there. (sticks his hand up his shirt and simulates a heartbeat as Jennifer lays her head against his chest) J-jennifer. J-j-jennifer. I lo-- I love you. I love you. I-I-I love you. Jennifer: I like your murmur. Jack: It's kind of a stutter, actually.

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