Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/1/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/1/05

By Danielle

Tony: (to Bart) Ha ha ha ha. I'm just imagining John Black pulling out his perfectly coifed hair because he can't get the satellite reception back.
Patrick: (to Billie) Mm-hmm. (in an English accent) Well, when a woman doth protest so much, yeah, I tend to think she's not being straight with me or herself.
Bart: Holy Mary -- holy Mary, mother of god -- holy -- how does that thing go again? Oh, I should have gone to church more. Boss, I mean god, please let me live. Let me live through this. If you let me live through this, I'll go to confession every week, and I'm not even catholic. Boss, we gotta go. It is time to split. I can feel that they're practically on top of us right now! Mommy. Mommy. [ Gunshots stop ]

Tony: "Mommy"? Do you mind?

Bart: You rule! Tony: Ha ha. Yes, I do.

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