Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/28/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/28/05

By Danielle

Bart: (to Marlena and Roman after they turn down dinner) You don't want it? You haven't even seen it yet. Okay, all right, I admit it's a weird combo, but not half as weird as in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" When she served her sister that dead rat and pet bird. Ha ha. But I digress. I know what you're afraid of, and do not worry. Do not worry. It is not poisoned or anything. Scout's honor.

Roman: You know what, Bart? I wouldn't trust you if you told me the earth was round. Bart: The earth is round? Hey, Galileo, you know how long I slaved over a hot stove for this meal, huh? Well, stood next to the cook, anyway. What have I ever done to you to deserve such an attitude, huh? Don't answer that. All right, I did a few things. Okay, I did a lot of things, but it's not me. Don't you understand? I'm taking orders from the Count. You know, I couldn't come up with this stuff myself. I'm basically a nice guy. And like my kindergarten teacher Miss Nesbrook always said, I play well with others.

Tony: That weird meal is gonna conjure up a very special memory, Bart -- a memory that Roman and Marlena won't be able to resist. It'll rekindle all the passion they once felt for each other. Bart: Huh. If I ate it, it would just give me heartburn.

Tony: (as he explains how Stefano gave him the idea to use Sami) About 10 years ago, when I was visiting him in the hospital, Sami was there, her usual low-level no good, but father confided in me that... when they locked eyes with each other, something unsaid passed between them, something that pleased him but deeply unsettled her. Bart: Kind of like a Vulcan mind-meld.

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