Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/16/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/16/05

By Danielle

Brandon: Yeah, it seems, uh, Samantha’s tele-psychic told her where I was. Lexie: Well, that's just amazing. You know, I mean, my mother isn't even that good.

Mickey: (upon hearing that Maggie kept a leaf as a memento of a romantic day) And you've kept it all this time? Maggie: (comparing the leaf to Mickey) Of course. I hang on to everything that I love. And I never let go.

Kate: (to Lucas about Will being devastated that Sami messed up the wedding) I don't know. You would think with Sami as his mother, and all the disappointment he's been through, that he would get used to it.

Bonnie: (to Mickey) What would I ever do without you? Mm! Oh, thank you. Maggie: [ Thinking ] You're about to find out, rodeo girl. For you're gonna get a taste of your own medicine.

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