Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/14/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/14/05

By Danielle

Eugenia: (to Kate) Sami is finally going down.

Eugenia: (as she watches Lucas find Sami in bed with Brandon) I'm no psychic, but I'm predicting major, major fireworks any minute now. Kate: Followed by no one getting married in the morning. Ha ha ha ha.

Lucas: (upon finding Brandon and Sami naked in bed together) Then why, Sami? Why are you naked right now? Huh? What, did you decide to take a drive, and, what, did the cigarette lighter fall out of the dash and burn the clothes off you Sami: No! Lucas: And then you showed up at this hotel, only no vacancies, but luckily, your ex-husband was here. Oh, that's great. But, oh, that pesky lighter showed up and burned his clothes off, too.

Brandon: (to Lucas and Sami) I just think you need a little time to talk here. Lucas: Well, where'd you learn that, social worker school?

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