Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/1/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/1/05

By Danielle

Bart: (to Tony after being dealt two jacks that are superimposed with Jack’s picture) Will you look at that -- a pair of Jack Deverauxes.

Jan: (to Shawn) It sounds like you're accusing me of something, and I have never, ever lied to you. Shawn-d: You lied to me when you told me Belle pushed you down the steps and that's why you miscarried the baby. Jan: Oh. That.

Bart: (to Tony) You're not trying, or even thinking about, busting up Bo and Hope. I mean, it can't be done, boss. They're indestructible. They're like...Teflon.

Bo: (to Hope) Do you remember how you felt when we found out Abe and Lexie were raising our biological child? Could you have walked away from Zack? Hope: I'm surprised you even remembered you have a biological son -- two, in fact.

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