Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 9/13/05

By Danielle

Hope: (to Bo) Okay, fine, you'll see for yourself -- Patrick is not interested in hitting on a little 18-year-old girl, crush or no crush. Listen to your wife. She knows best.

Jennifer: That sounds wonderful. I'm gonna go to the restroom and freshen up a bit. Jack: Just don't freshen up those lips too much, or I'll be wearing them all night.

Patrick: (about why Billie abandoned Chelsea) It wasn't her fault. That was the DiMeras. Chelsea: Is everything in this town the DiMeras' fault?

Jack: (to Lexie as she checks his twisted ankle) So...what's the prognosis, doctor? Am I going to live? Sorry, sorry. Bad joke.

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