Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 11/26/04

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 11/26/04

By Danielle

Tony: (to Roman) "This is Thanksgiving, not Christmas, and I am in a giving mood."

Tony: (to Roman) "Why you want to play Boy Scout and send your little brother a secret code, I don't think so."

Bart: (to Marlena after he stuns Roman for lunging at Tony) It's no use Doc. He's down for the count, no pun intended."

Lucas: (to Sami) "I can't take it anymore. Seeing you like this, it's getting my motor going. Bedroom, you, me, satisfaction."

Tony: (to Marlena) "Good to see that the doctor is in fine form after all. I was worried with all that crying and carrying on on the boat." Marlena: "You haven't seen anything yet, Tony."

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