Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/9/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/9/04

By Danielle

Roman: What about the others? You know about them -- Jack, Jennifer, the baby, Abe, Alice, Cassie  Bart: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. All the cast of characters.

Celeste: (to Bonnie) Well, nothing has changed. I still see Maggie, darling, very much alive -- and heading home even as we speak.

Bonnie: The brass ring is in reach, and I am going to grab it. Come hell, high water, or Maggie Horton's ghost, I am going to be Mrs. Mickey Horton.

Lexie: Brandon's right. I have to live my life to the fullest for Theo's sake. [ Sighs ] How do I do that without Abe? What do I want for my birthday? I want you. I want you back, Abe. I want you to come home to me and Theo.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. The coast guard. We've been saved!

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