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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/17/18 - 9/21/18

John, Roman, and Kayla pulled a fast one on Marlena's family. They snuck Hattie out of jail and switched her with Marlena. We admit that we didn't see that coming until we saw spoilers about it. Roman snuck Hattie out of jail and switched her with Marlena. We were surprised that Roman would do something like that since he's by the book. He must be okay with breaking the law since he's not a cop anymore. Kayla risked her job to be part of the plan. She's getting comfortable doing unethical things to get what she wants. She did what Stefan wanted and she's doing what John wanted. It was amazing how they were able to get Hattie in Marlena's room without anyone seeing anything.

Speaking of Hattie, she's being annoying. We did cheer a little when she called Sami and Belle out for what they did.  Hattie is going to wear out her welcome very soon. She pretended to be Marlena for a while without anyone suspecting anything, but she can't do it now. She couldn't remember Marlena's favorite flower so Belle called her out. The writers obviously enjoy this character, but we would prefer to see Marlena.

Hope possibly proved that she should stop being a cop. She most likely planted the evidence she needed to arrest Ben. She suddenly found it when there wasn't any evidence tying Ben to the crime. She has a motive for setting up Ben, but she got offended when she was accused of doing it. Why are the writers trying to destroy Hope's character? They are trying to make her look bad and Ben look good. We know Hope needs a storyline, but the writers need to give her something else to do.

Chloe confronted Bonnie about whether she had Lucas' baby. She mentioned how Bonnie was too old to have the baby. She didn't have to go there. Women are having children later in life all of the time so her comment was unnecessary. She also doesn't have a right to criticize Bonnie's parenting skills when her son spent the majority of the year with his grandparents. Bonnie was right to tell her that her situation wasn't any of her business. Chloe had the nerve to threaten Bonnie to get her to back down. She surprised El Fideo when she killed him. He managed to have her kidnapped so she's not the threatening person she thinks she is. Chloe might make things worse for Lucas. 

Gabi drugged Abby to keep her from meeting Chad. She's a lunatic. Gabi didn't care that Abby could have lost the baby because of the prescription drugs. Gabi needs to get help since she continues to justify her actions based on what Abby did. Gabi has her life back so she has no need to go after Abby. Gabi plans on making Abby think that she's Gabby again and taking her child to raise with Chad. The woman is just as crazy as Abby to go through with the plan. Hopefully Chad won't fall for it that easily, but we have a feeling that her plan will work.

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Page updated 9/23/18

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