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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Days knew how to return with a bang. The episode was pretty explosive. There were a few reveals in the episode that kept the energy on high for us. We deal have to deal with a clunker in the middle of the juicy episode, but it's okay because the rest of the episode made up for the one part that didn't live up to the rest of it. Let's get started with the good parts of the episode.

The first reveal that happened in the episode was Nicole telling Rafe about her affair. He apparently wasn't good enough to attend her anniversary party so she told him what happened. She told him how she cheated on Eric. That must have hurt her because she seems to think she's holier than thou now so she's without sin. Rafe was surprised to hear that she cheated. It's weird that he felt that way especially since he questioned why she was leaving the Salem Inn wearing the same clothes as the night before. We have no choice, but to overlook that detail. She told him that she slept with Xander. He was shocked to find that out. We didn't mind watching her explain her dirty little secret to him. She probably figured it would get back to him and that was why she told him.

The second reveal was that EJ confronted Sami about her affair. He let her know that he found out about Lucas. She tried her hardest to deny being with him, but it didn't work. EJ didn't believe her at all. She ended up confessing to being with Lucas one time. EJ knew about her being with him so she should have told the entire truth. He let her know that he read Kristen's letter so he knew she was lying to him. She had to tell everything and he was heated by it. He yelled at her about what she did to him. She tried to excuse what happened, but he wasn't willing to hear it. She reminded him about what he did with Abby. We were hoping she would have done that. He expected her to forgive him. He said what he did was different. He told her that he didn't cheat while they were married. EJ was being quite a hypocrite while they were arguing. He had a right to be mad and that made for explosive TV but he wasn't in a position to judge her. Sami shouldn't have lied to him, but he's not a saint. 

The next reveal was that Philip gave Kristen's letter to EJ. Lucas was upset that he did that. Philip wanted to help Lucas get Sami, but he didn't want her that way. Lucas felt like he would lose Sami because he did that. Philip thought he was doing the right thing, but Lucas said he didn't. Philip's heart was in the right place, but he kept them from getting together.

The slow part of the episode for us were Ben and Ciara's scenes. Theo found out that Claire replaced Ciara at the ceremony. They were trying to recreate Bo kidnapping Hope. We aren't fans of that at all because Ben and Ciara aren't like them at all. Ben kidnapped Ciara and demanded that she remember him. She insulted him and he still kept going back for more. He proved that he's still unbalanced. He thought it was a romantic gesture, but it wasn't. It was a speed bump for us when we were all in with the rest of the episode. We were tired of Ciara saying the things she should have told Ben when she got together with him. It doesn't matter if she calls him a serial killer when she's only doing it because she doesn't remember him. It would have meant more if she did it before.  

Page updated 8/9/21

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