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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/30/18 - 8/3/18

We decided to change things up for this article.  We are noticing a lot of double standards on this show.  We will list them in no particular order.

Eve is keeping the fact that she was involved with Brady losing custody of Tate.  She felt that she was justified for lying to Brady because she helped him.  We remember when Claire cheated to win the Bella contest.  Eve was furious when she thought that he helped her win.  Why was it wrong for Brady to help his niece (even though he didn't), but it's okay for Eve to help Brady?  She should hope that he doesn't react the way she did when the truth comes out.

Jennifer was like a kid in a candy store when she found out that Eve knew that Victor had the drugs planted in JJ's apartment.  She lectured Eve and blamed her for what happened to JJ and Brady. JJ confessed to the drugs being his to help Theresa.  He made a choice to put his job in jeopardy.  He was reinstated after Jennifer blackmailed Kevin to lose his much needed job to save JJ's.  Brady decided to let Theresa take Tate with her because Kimberly was sick, so he would have lost him anyway.  We brought this up because Jennifer had no reason to say anything to Brady, but she felt the truth needed to come out.  Eve managed to put a monkey wrench in her plan.  She dangled Jennifer's relationship in her face and she kept quiet.  Jennifer is a Horton so it's okay that she chose not to say anything to Brady.  Jennifer was right and looked like a martyr for keeping quiet, but Eve's wrong for keeping quiet.

Kate decided to sell out to Stefan and betray Chad to save her neck.  She agreed to give secrets from Titan to Stefan so he could stick it to Chad.  Kate acts as if she's Chad's mother and even forgets about her own kids to put him first.  The first chance she got she was willing to stab him in the back.  On top of that, she chose to help Gabi keep the fact that Abby's carrying his baby from him.  Gabi and Kate justified this because they wanted to take down Stefan.  Kate is just a horrible person.  She's a killer, but she struts around Salem as if she's high and mighty.  It's okay for Kate to keep scheming, but Stefan was wrong for making her pay for what she did to Vivian.  Kate's no different from Stefan, but she acts as if she's better than he.

The next one we will discuss is the double standard between Ben and Abby.  Ben is considered the devil incarnate for being a killer as well as crazy.  The majority of the town refuses to believe that he could be cured.  He wasn't in the institution enough for them.  Hope is really hard on him and refuses to believe that he could have changed.  Ben doesn't have the excuse that he's crazy to justify his actions.  Abby is crazy and a killer too.  She killed someone she loved and framed her best friend for the crime.  For some reason, it's okay that Abby did it because everyone in town reminds her that she wasn't responsible for her actions.  All of her actions are  justified because she had split personalities.  She only spent a couple of weeks with her grandmother and never had to spend time in prison.  Ben spent time in jail and in an insane asylum, but he's still considered a nut.  He didn't frame his best friend for murder, but he's a bad guy.  She is still considered a saint because her alters were responsible for everything she did.  She never has to be held accountable for her actions because she has her get out of jail free card, but he doesn't have that luxury.  It's funny how she had a perfect until she cheated on Ben and had alters.  He was abused all his life and got cheated on  so it's  no surprise he snapped.  He just doesn't get the excuse that Abby gets to use.

Speaking of Ben, Chad is now in his position.  As far as Chad knows, Abby is having Stefan's baby.  Chad hates the idea that she's having Stefan's baby.  He was Stefan when Abby had Thomas.  Was Ben supposed to love it when she cheated on him with Chad and had his baby?  We are supposed to feel sorry for Chad now that she's having another man's baby.  He was no different from Stefan except Chad's the "victim" now.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/5/18

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