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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/13/18 - 8/17/18

This week, we decided to dedicate this article to what we've noticed this week.  We took a long look at some of the stories and wanted to analyze them. As usual, we will do these stories in no particular order.

Have you noticed how easy it is for Brady and Eric to get along now that they have moved on from Nicole?  They basically hated each other while they were alone and now they want to be brotherly.  That might be a good thing that they are getting along, but we'll see if it will last.  Eric doesn't know why Nicole left town so he may get mad at Brady when she comes back.  If Eric finds out what Nicole did, do you think he will be mad at Brady again?

We may as well talk about Eve and Jennifer.  Have you noticed how high and mighty Jennifer was being towards Eve?  Jennifer jumped up on her high horse and judged Eve for knowing what Victor did.  We actually cheered Eve on when she called her out for being so holier-than-thou.  Eve is not our favorite character by any means, but she was right about Jennifer.  Jennifer was horrified by Eve's actions, but she wasn't any better.  Jennifer was willing to cost a man (the agent) his much needed job for a situation JJ brought on himself.  JJ made a choice to take the blame for the drugs in his apartment.  The agent needed money or he wouldn't have helped Victor.  She didn't care so she blackmailed him to come forward.  She also kept her mouth shut about Eve when Eric proposed.  She was so appalled by what Eve did, but the second she mentioned Nicole, Jennifer clammed up. She obviously didn't think Brady deserved to learn the truth that badly or she would have told him what Eve did.  Jennifer is just as selfish as Eve.  Jennifer just thinks she's different because she's supposed to be a saint.

We are going to move on to another story.  Did you notice how Andre chose to haunt Kate again?  It doesn't make any sense because Kate didn't kill him.  She also wasn't the one who betrayed him.  He betrayed her.  He wanted her to tell Chad the truth about Gabi's schemes.  Abby was the one who killed him but he wanted to defend her.  When is he going to haunt Abby?  She was the one who covered up his murder, but she wasn't reminded about what she did by seeing his ghost.  If you're a Horton, you get away with things like that.

Chad is acting as if Arianna means more to him than Thomas.  We were ready to throw up watching him act like he and Gabi were a happy family with Arianna.  Gabi jumped at the chance to allow Arianna to get closer to Chad.  Arianna even asked to live with Chad as if she doesn't have a home.  She and Gabi live with Rafe so they don't need to stay with Chad.  She also has two fathers and doesn't need Chad to be a third one.  He is making Gabi's plan too easy for her.

Did you notice how jealous Abby was when she saw Chad with Gabi?  Abby was in bed with Stefan, but got jealous when she saw them together.  We know that Abby was technically raped, but she was still with him.  As far as she knows, she's carrying his child.  She's was no longer in a position to criticize Chad.  He put her in her place by reminding her that she was carrying Stefan's baby.  We loved the look on her face when he did that.  She needed to be reminded about that.  Abby ended up looking like a fool again because she believed the garbage Gabi fed her.  Gabi doesn't hide her hate for Abby, but she never sees it.

Have you noticed that Steve is obsessed with harassing Stefan?  Stefan comes and goes, but Steve constantly bothers him.  Steve threatens him to stay away from Abby all of the time.  Steve has no reason to go after him so much.  Abby doesn't care about him, but he wants to risk going after Stefan for her.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/19/18

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