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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/2/18 - 7/6/18

We mentioned this in last week's column, but it needs to be repeated.  Abby is a fool to trust Gabi with her secret.  Abby let her help with the paternity test.  Gabi got Stefan's DNA while Abby got Chad's from a fork at a restaurant.  Speaking of this particular idea, why did she have to get Chad's DNA from a public fork?  Why couldn't she get hair from a brush?  Was it really a good idea to get it that way?  Anyway, she knew to apologize for what she did to Gabi.  If she didn't forget, what made her think that Gabi forgot?  Gabi is still upset with Stefan so she wouldn't be okay with what Abby did.  Gabi will find a way to get revenge on her.  Abby won't see it coming, but everyone watching the show saw the writing on the wall.

Sonny killed Leo while trying to defend Will.  Leo must have a soft head since he died so easily.  Sonny panicked and wanted to get rid of the body.  Will thought they should call the police, but Sonny thought it would look suspicious if Leo were found dead when they were in the middle of a lawsuit.  They went with Sonny's suggestion to get rid of the body.  They were almost caught a few times trying to get rid of the body.  Sonny was worried about Will's memories coming back while they were getting rid of Leo's body.  Sonny needed to stay focused on getting rid of Leo's body instead of focusing on Will's memories.  Sonny will continue to male one dumb mistake after another.

Sonny's cousin Brady had his own set of problems this week.  He had to deal with the custody hearing with Theresa.  This case proved that Justin is a terrible lawyer.  His questions didn't do anything to help Brady's case.  In fact, he made it possible for Ted to rip his witnesses to shreds.  Ted knew things about Chloe, Eve, and Brady that he couldn't possibly have known.  He wasn't around to know anything.  Theresa wasn't around either because she was with Mateo.  Ted shouldn't have known anything about Brady framing Eve for Deimos' murder.  If he knew that, why wasn't Brady in jail?  Theresa got a shark while Brady had a guppy.  Justin must have been paid off by Victor to make sure Brady lost because he's barely helping him with the case.  If Theresa wins, she may as well forget about getting Brady back.

Ciara found out that Ben isn't playing with a full deck.  Thanks to Hope's interference, Ben couldn't take his medication because he ran out of pills.  Hope put out an APB on him so he couldn't get to a pharmacy to get his medication.   Ciara told her that she was fine, but Hope didn't listen to her.  Ciara wasn't kidnapped so Hope could have left well enough alone.  Ben snapped and possibly set the cabin on fire.  Hope's her mother and we know she's worried about her.  If Hope listened to Ciara, this could have been avoided.

Speaking of Claire, she clearly doesn't care about Ciara.  She only felt guilty because Ciara saw her with Tripp.  She pretended to be worried about her to get closer to Tripp.  Claire kissed Tripp again.  She proved that she was so worried about Ciara.  We aren't buying her sudden concern for Ciara. 

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Page updated 7/9/18

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