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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/23/18 - 7/27/18

Abby vs. Gabi 
Abby decided to come clean with Chad about being pregnant.  Chad was happy about the news until he found out that she was carrying Stefan's baby.  Abby let him know that Stefan is the father and Chad went ballistic.  He wondered why she didn't get an abortion once she found out the truth.  He went off when she told him that Stefan talked her out of it.  He stormed off and then Gabi arrived at the house.  Abby confronted her about how her pregnancy got back to Stefan.  Gabi admitted that she told him.  We were waiting for the showdown between them.  Gabi had a copy of Abby's paternity test results and she asked her about it.  Abby also asked her why she didn't tell her that Stefan was going after her. Abby allowed Gabi to lie and get away with it.  Abby's making it so easy for Gabi to scheme against her.  It's too bad that Abby didn't have Stefan's brain.  He knew that Gabi wasn't really being a friend to Abby.  He saw right through her and he didn't know her as long as Abby.  Gabi's plan doesn't make any sense, but Abby's stupidity is making it so easy for her to pull it off.  Gabi is rewarding Stefan with a child while hurting Chad.  We know she wants Chad back, yet she is keeping the truth from him.

Jennifer and Hope were working our nerves
Jennifer continued to obsess over who planted the drugs in JJ's apartment.  Her obsession was a waste because he confessed to the drugs being his.  He wasn't framed so he didn't have to say they were his.  He chose to lie.  Jennifer couldn't deal with that and had to play amateur detective.  She had to find out who planted the drugs.  She got her answer and JJ got reinstated.  She still couldn't leave it alone.  She had to keep digging until she found out who hired the guy.  She ruined the social worker's career by blackmailing him to come forward.  JJ made a choice to come forward so he should have dealt with his actions. She needs to do more with her life.

Hope was just as bad as Jennifer.  She was obsessed with finding out if Ben set the fire at the cabin.  Hope doesn't want Ben to hurt Ciara and we understand that.  The problem is that Ciara doesn't care about it so Hope may as well give up.  Ciara even used her trust fund to hire Ted.  Hope was livid that she hired Ted to represent Ben.  Ted implied that Hope could be the one who set the fire.  He could be on to something.  She could have set it so Ben could stay away from Ciara.  She also watched Eve try to choke him out and didn't do anything.  Hope needs to focus her energy on working things out with Rafe instead of worrying about Ciara and Ben.

The note writer revealed
Ted turned out to be the one who wrote the note to Will.  He chose to send it to him for some reason.  We didn't see that coming.  We thought Kate was the one who did it.  We were actually surprised by that twist.  It was just strange that Ted sent it to Will and not Sonny.  Sonny was the one who did it.  What could he be up to by blackmailing Will?  Is he working with someone else?  We will have to wait and see.

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Page updated 7/29/18

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