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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/16/18 - 7/20/18

Abby looked at the paternity test results this week.  Gabi insisted that she read them in front of her.  Abby read them and found out that "Stefan" was the father of the baby.  Abby wasn't happy about the news.  She didn't want to have Stefan's baby.  She wanted to get an abortion, but Gabi was against that idea.  She didn't want Abby to ruin her plan.  Gabi wanted to get revenge on Stefan and Abby so she wanted her to have the baby.

Speaking of Gabi, she was a little too willing for Abby to keep the baby.  Gabi wants to set up Abby for what she did to her.  Gabi was the one who switched the tests.  We knew that Gabi switched the results.  How was she able to do that without anyone seeing her do it? Kayla conveniently left her alone in her office, but she wasn't gone long enough to switch the results.  When did Gabi learn how to switch paternity test?  Did she learn that while she was in prison?  It was so convenient that she was able to switch the tests so it looked like Stefan was the father of Abby's baby.

We have one more comment about Gabi.  She kept trying to make Abby feel guilty about getting an abortion.  She threw up in Abby's face that she couldn't have kids.  When that didn't work, Gabi had to think of  something.  She let Stefan see the test results and told him that Abby was getting an abortion.  Gabi really lost her mind.  Unfortunately, she isn't crazy so she doesn't have that to excuse her behavior.  We know that she has a right to be mad at Abby. but her plan doesn't make any sense.   She's rewarding Stefan by letting him think that he's the father of Abby's baby.  We are surprised that the writers have Gabi acting this way.

We can move on to another story.  The judge in Brady and Theresa's custody battle made her decision.  She heard Theresa and Brady's heartfelt speeches and made her decision.  She decided to grant sole custody to Theresa.  We don't understand why she didn't grant shared custody when Brady wasn't proven to be an unfit father.  Theresa and Brady made bad decisions so she shouldn't have granted Theresa sole custody.  Eve should have felt like dirt listening to the judge give Brady's son to Theresa.  If she stayed out of it, he wouldn't have lost custody.

Eve must be a lucky person.  Theresa suddenly had to leave town because Kimberly's cancer came back.  She wanted to take Tate to California.  Eve thought she was helping by advising Theresa to leave Tate with Brady.  Eve tried to clear her conscience by talking Theresa into leaving Tate with Brady.  Brady let Theresa take him with her.  Eve was let off the hook because Theresa took Tate with her.  Eve deserves  to get caught for butting her nose in Brady's business. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 7/22/18

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