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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


We were watching Ciara and Benís scenes in disbelief. Ciara had to keep defending Claire over the wedding dress being destroyed. Ben immediately thought Claire did was the one who did it. They even went to Claire demanding answers from her. Ben really had a lot of nerve acting that way about the nail polish being on the dress. He was too willing to accuse her of sabotaging Ciaraís dress. We know that Ben is such a saint, but we wonder if itís possible that he was the one setting Claire up. We know it will end up being Eve that set her up, but it wouldnít surprise us if Ben did it.

We loved how Gwen put Ben in his place by reminding him about his time in Bayview. He had the gall to bring up the fact that she was in Bayview and wanted to know why she was there. She got in his face and reminded him how he was the one who had to go to Bayview. She asked him if he was going to strangle her to protect Ciara. We loved every minute of it. We know the writers love to forget that Ben is a psychotic killer, but everybody didnít forget it. The try their best to get the audience to forget what he did, but we didnít. Rolfís magic didnít work on us because we didnít forget.

Gabi must be having a great week. She was exonerated for drugging Abby and found out that Jake was really Stefan. Weíre not sure if thatís true or not. We read that Jake and Stefan might be twins so we arenít sure what to think. She was so obsessed with Jake being Stefan. She didnít care what she had to do to get her way. Sheís going to look like a fool if he doesnít fall in love with her again.

Page updated 7/2/20

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