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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/9/18 - 7/13/18

What has gotten into Brady?  He was so mad at Nicole that he wanted her to leave town or he would turn her in to the police for killing Deimos.  His actions happened at the beginning of the year.  Fast forward to mid year and now heís defending her to Eve?  Whatís up with that?  He believed that Holly needed her mother.  When did he have a change of heart about Nicole?  He defended her when Eve wanted him to turn Nicole into the police for what she did.  Brady didnít want to do it and seemed to feel sorry for her.  He was the one who wanted Nicole gone and now he wants to defend her.  If he felt that way about Nicole, he didnít have to blackmail her in the first place.  He could have let her stay in Salem and be with Holly as well as Eric.

Speaking of Eve. She expected Victor to help her make sure that Brady won custody of Tate.  She couldnít stay out of it and let Brady and Theresa work it out.  She had to go to Victor and he made sure that drugs were found in JJís apartment.  Needless to say, Theresa was extremely mad and was ready to declare war on Brady.  Do you think Eve said anything to take responsibility for what her request cost Brady?  If you answered no, then you are right.  She sat in the courtroom and kept her mouth shut while Theresa accused Brady of setting her up.  Brady didnít need her help because Theresa agreed to shared custody.  Eve didnít believe Theresa so she had to butt in where she didnít belong.  Eve hated it when she thought Brady kept her in the dark about the Bella contest about taking drugs again.  She took a while to forgive him.  She actually kept her mouth shut while Theresa blamed him for everything.  JJ had to stupidly show up to save the day for Theresa.  He took the blame for the drugs being in the apartment.  She could have said something to make sure no one was in trouble, but she didnít say a word.  Eve will deserve it if Brady dumps her when her stunt causes him to lose her son.

Gabi found out that she had damage to her reproductive organs because of the attack she got in prison.  Kayla told her that it would be a challenge to have any more children.  Wasnít that convenient how that happened to Gabi in prison?  She didnít need one more reason to hate Abby, but she got one anyway.  Gabi was upset about the news and wanted Stefan and Abby to pay for what happened.  Gabi got her first opportunity when a nurse brought Abbyís paternity test results while Kayla was on the phone.  Kayla shouldnít have left Gabi alone in her office.  Anyway, Gabi saw the envelope and looked at it.  We can all assume what she did with the paternity test results.  We all know that she will switch the results to Abby would believe that Stefan is the father of her baby.

Here are a couple of random thoughts:

Why would JJ risk his freedom admitting that he had drugs in his apartment?  Wasnít he in enough trouble for shooting Theo?

When did Chad decide that he wanted more kids?  He never said anything about wanting kids and now he wants them.  We know that Abbyís wrestling with telling him about the baby so that explains why Chad wanted another baby.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 7/18/18

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