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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


You would think that Hope would have been okay with Claire coming home from the hospital. It’s bad enough Hope acts as if she doesn’t have a grandchild, but for her to be hesitant about Claire coming home speaks volumes. We know she is concerned about her precious Ciara’s safety, but Claire is still her family too.

We are confused with Marlena because was skeptical about Claire coming home from Bayview, but she was okay with Ben coming home. Claire did attempt to kill Ciara, but Ben actually did kill people including her grandson. Will may be alive, but it was no thanks to Ben yet Marlena is convinced that Ben has changed. Marlena even considered Ben a success story, yet she was concerned that Claire would have a setback. Speaking of setbacks, why are people so concerned with Claire’s setback, but no one was worried about Abby having a setback? She could have easily had one too.

Ben had a lot of nerve thinking that they had to be concerned about Claire getting out of Bayview. He is a killer so he shouldn’t really be concerned with Claire possibly not changing. He didn’t like it when people thought he wouldn’t change so he wasn’t in a position to question whether or not Claire was better.

Thumbs up to Ciara for being willing to give Claire another chance. Ciara was willing to see that Claire changed because she did the same thing for Ben. Ciara would have looked like a hypocrite if she didn’t give her another chance. How would she have looked if she thought Claire couldn’t change when she wants everyone to accept Ben after what he has done to people.

Was anyone really surprised that Rolf admitted to helping Stefan? We figured that Jake was going to turn out to be Stefan. It was the worst kept secret. It took very little to get Rolf to admit to what he did. If the writers were going to bring Stefan back, there was no point in killing him off.  He may as well have stayed on the show.

Page updated 6/8/20

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