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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


There must have been something in the water for this episode. Two sisters decided it was time to hit the sheets. We'll get more into that within the article. Things seem to be moving along on the show now that we are finally done with the possession storyline. We are still picking up the pieces from that story. It was fine, but it lasted a little too long. It should have stayed focused on Marlena, but the writers insisted on adding Johnny and Allie to it. We won't focus on that because the story is done. 

The writers decided to write Ben and Ciara out of the show. We aren't going to pretend that we are upset about that decision. They haven't been crucial to any storylines for a while. The actress who plays Ciara refuses to stay committed to the show so there's no point showing her briefly. We aren't big fans of this couple so we won't shed any tears about them being apart. We do have a problem with the way they are being written out of the show. The writers want us to believe that they are the next Bo and Hope. They couldn't be more wrong about that. They are nothing like Bo and Hope. The writers clearly haven't paid attention to Bo and Hope's classic storyline. Anyway, they've decided to have Ben and Ciara sail around the world the same way Bo and Hope did. It was special the first time around. It doesn't mean anything now that they are doing it. We want them to go, but they could have decided to move away just to get out of town. We could have lived with that storyline. We don't want them trying to recreate a historic couple through them.

EJ and Belle decided to heat things up. They were about to make love when Sami showed up. It was like a soap opera troupe. We didn't have a problem with that at all. It was a juicy soap moment. Belle decided to put the brakes on their lovemaking session because she thought EJ was trying to get revenge on Sami by being with her. We had to watch that scene with disbelief. She clearly forgot that she was the one who demanded they be together because she was mad at Shawn. She couldn't stand the idea that Shawn kept Jan out of prison until the baby was better. She is a mother so she should have understood that Jan would want to take care of her baby. We were cheering when EJ reminded her that she ran to him when Shawn did something she didn't like. She expected him to believe that she wasn't using him even though she probably was using him. Their issue with using each other didn't mean anything because they decided to make love after all.

Sami and Lucas also decided to make love in this episode. If you have paid attention to our previous articles, then you know that we are Lumi fans through and through. We have been waiting for years to see them get back together. We couldn't stand the fact that the writers insisted on shoving EJ and Sami down our throats. They insisted on getting all of us to believe they were the end game. They didn't convince all of us because we weren't fooled by that at all. We never wanted to see Sami with EJ. We always rooted for Sami and Lucas to be together. They are a couple with history and should be together. We were happy to see them get engaged. It would have meant so much more if the proposal wasn't tainted. We know they are going to break up when the truth about her kidnapping comes out. The writers had to find a way to ruin Sami and Lucas getting back together. They may as well have kept her with EJ since they are going out of their way to make sure Lumi don't stay together.

The writers decided to include a twist in the episode. We will tell you what the twist is and then express our opinion about it. Everything isn't as it seems when it concerns Jan's baby. Orpheus dropped a bomb on Evan. He told him that he had another child. It shouldn't take much to put two and two together and you have the secret. This was a stupid plot twist. There's no way to know that Jan was with Evan and got her pregnant. The devil had her seduce Shawn to break up Belle's relationship. There was no need to add a baby to the storyline if Shawn wasn't going to be the father of the baby. We know they had to give Shawn and Belle conflict, but this wasn't necessary.


Page updated 6/29/22

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