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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Lucas made sense in this episode. Will and Sonny jumped at the idea of taking Allieís baby. They didnít even talk to her about it. Lucas tried to reason with them, but Will assumed he didnít want him to adopt the baby because heís married to Sonny. He forgot that eh was supportive of their relationship. Anyway, Lucas told them that they had to think about the father and what he wanted. He reminded them about what he went through because Sami didnít think about his rights. He didnít want them to do the same thing. He also told them what could happen if Allie decides she wants to raise her baby. He brought up some excellent points that they didnít even consider. Lucas might have overreacted at the idea of her wanting to put the baby up for adoption, but he was right when he talked to them about taking her baby.

We noticed Ericís reaction when Allie told him and Nicole about giving her baby to Rafe. He looked as if he was hit in the face with a frying pan. He probably wanted to be the one who raised her baby since he lost Mickey. He kept trying to talk her out of giving the baby to Rafe. He wanted her to think about it for a while. Nicole kept telling him Rafe was a great choice because she knew how good he was with David. She wasnít around them much, but weíll let that go. Eric most likely wants to take the baby off of Allieís hands.

Will and Sonny were making plans for Allieís baby without talking to her. They shouldnít do that. We know they are so excited about getting the baby especially since they couldnít get a child at the first adoption agency they tried. They didnít even think about what could happen if the father wanted the baby. They just jumped the gun without talking to her. They will get let down if they take liberties and assume they could have the baby just because they wanted a child. She might have been talking about giving the baby up. She may not want to give the baby away. She wanted an abortion too so she could change her mind again.

Is anyone else tired of watching Sarahís tantrum? We know she has a right to be upset with Xander for what he did to her. We get it, but her delivery is just awful. She isnít coming off like someone who is in pain. Sheís reacting more like a child who had a toy taken away from her. Sheís coming off like a spoiled brat. Itís really getting hard to feel sorry for her because sheís being over the top. She should take her attitude down a notch. Xander made the mistake of telling her about adopting a baby and she went ballistic. He thought he was trying to help, but he couldnít be more wrong about that. She let him have it and wanted him to move out of the mansion. We didnít realize she was the one who paid for it, but we could be wrong. Xander may as well give up trying to make it up to her. She clearly isnít ready to forgive him if she ever does forgive him.

Page updated 6/25/20

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