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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


It was a nice change to see this episode instead of Mondayís episode. It may have just been us, but Mondayís episode was a little boring compared to this one. We were so thankful to have an episode not feature Gabi and Jake. We couldnít care less whether Jake was Stefan or not.

We laughed when the show opened up with Lucas and Nicole fighting on the couch to keep him from calling Sami. Itís strange that everyone wants to keep Sami in the dark about Allieís pregnancy. Sami had a right to know that her daughter was having a baby. She will be even more upset to be the last person to find out about the baby. She would be hovering over her, but she wasnít going to push her down the stairs. She wasnít going to do anything to make Allie lose her baby. It doesnít make any sense to keep Sami in the dark about the baby. Eric likes to play Honest Abe, but he was the one advising Lucas not to say anything to Sami. He didnít like being kept in the dark about things so why would he advise Lucas to do the same thing to her. Eric is her twin brother so he should know how Sami would react being kept in the dark about something like that.

Why is Allie keeping the father of her baby such a secret? Is he an alien? Is he a relative of hers? What is the big mystery surrounding the father of her baby? She could just tell who the father of her baby is. Itís obvious that the father is someone who was or is on the show because sheís being cagey about it. The writers are going to have to scramble to find someone who isnít related to Allie to make the father of her baby. It will be a big letdown if the father turns out to be some random guy she met while living with Sami.

Brady has a right to be upset about what Victor did to him. We completely understand that heís upset, but he is doing too much. He wants to destroy what will be part of his legacy just to get revenge on Victor. Victor was willing to make things right even after giving him the job he wanted. Brady called Eli to get Victor to admit he lied about Kristen stabbing him. Brady has lost whatís left of his mind. He had no right to demand such a thing of him. Brady loves to take advantage of Victor and heís going to go along with it since he messed up.

Page updated 6/22/20

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