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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


We were cheering Rolf on when he put Rafe in his place about Gabi. Rafe tried to get him to admit that Rolf set Gabi up. Rafe tried to play on his sympathy by telling him that Gabiís daughter couldnít handle it if she were sent back to prison. Rolf told him that she should have prioritized that. He was right. She didnít think about her daughter when she went at Jake. Why should Rolf feel sorry for her when she was the one who risked her freedom by going after Jake? Rafe did mention something that made us become a little interested. He asked Rolf who was the one involved with the poisoning. We didnít think there would be a twist to the story. We have a feeling who was responsible for the drugging, but it doesnít hurt to see the story unfold. We are hoping that the reveal wonít be a letdown.

Ciara and Shawn talked about Claire. It was nice to see the interaction between the brother and sister because itís so easy to forget that they are related. They rarely interact with each other because heís not on the show that often. They talked about Claire and whether she was sane enough to be in her wedding. Ciara claimed that she wanted to give Claire the benefit of the doubt, but she wasnít sure if she should. She wanted to give Claire a chance because she didnít want to look like a hypocrite. It didnít take long to find fault in what she did. LOL! She wasnít concerned with whether Claire was cured. She just didnít want to look like a hypocrite because she believed Ben changed. She most likely changed her mind and wanted her to be in her wedding because she canít fill the wedding party. We remember when she bragged about having so much family when Ben told her that he didnít have much family. She obviously forgot that she doesnít have that many friends either. She wonít have a choice and will have to add her to the wedding party because she doesnít have anyone else to make her maid of honor.

Hands in the air. Is anyone else bored with Jakeís storyline with the book? We hope we werenít the only ones with our hands in the air. LOL! Thereís nothing about the story that generates any interest for us. Itís about a couple we donít even know (Jake and Gwen) and thatís a mistake. The writers tried to make it more of an umbrella story by adding familiar characters in it, but it just doesnít work. We donít know or care about Jake and Gwen so why would we care to see their relationship play out? We arenít the least bit interested in what happened between them. There are people who are walking around without a storyline, but we have to keep seeing them. We donít know anything about the mobster that Jake worked for so it doesnít matter how threatening the person is to him. We know even less about Gwen so we donít care what went wrong in her relationship with Jake.

Page updated 6/22/20

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