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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Itís been a minute, but we have a new article for you. Kate is a really desperate woman. She practically begged Jake to make love to her. We know that she wanted to make him pay for what he did to her, but itís hard to believe she wanted him that much to force him to have sex with her. She is supposed to be independent so you would think she wouldn't want him that way. We understand that she wanted to make him pay for cheating on her, but she should have got revenge on him a different way. She looks like she's desperate for affection. She looked desperate and pathetic pretending to be blind just to get Jake back in her life. We do see the temptation because it would be great to see the look on Gabi's face when she realizes what's going on with him.

Speaking of desperate, Brady is no different from Kate. He showed up at the Kiriakis mansion just to talk about the company with Chloe. He just didn't want Philip to be alone with her. He didn't want Philip to be the one to help her without him being there. He didn't want her when she admitted that she loved him so why is he in her face now? We love seeing Philip and Chloe together so we aren't happy to see Brady trying to stop them from getting closer. 

Xander must have the Salem brain this week. He assumed that Sami and Lucas were involved with each other. We all know that he's right, but he had no way of knowing if they were together or not. He assumed she was with him the way Nicole was with him. He had to convince Nicole that Sami and Lucas were together. He may come off like a goofball, but he must have a brain once in a while. We are all for anything that would keep Sami and Lucas in the same storyline. This might be a good storyline for Xander and Nicole. It would be better than them walking around doing nothing.

 EJ isn't hiding the fact that he suspects Sami and Lucas were together. He made quite a few digs about them being together. He didn't let on that he knew, but you could tell he's suspicious of them. It was funny watching Sami and Lucas squirm while he was talking to them. We have always been Lumi fans so we don't want to see Sami with EJ. We are hoping that Sami and Lucas will be with each other again while Allison Sweeney is still on the show.


Page updated 6/21/21

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