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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


It has been a minute since we've written an article. We haven't been too inspired to write an article. We'll give it a shot. Let's start with the situation going on with Lani. Lani is supposed to be a police officer, but she is willing to allow Paulina to take the blame for her crime. She's getting what she deserves now because Ray is haunting her. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her that Ray is targeting her? She killed him in cold blood and allowed Paulina to take the fall. Does she really feel guilty for the crime? Is she paying her back for what Paulina did to her? We think she's making Paulina pay for lying to her about being her mother. She accepted the lie too easily and she's paying her back now. If Lani wanted to confess, she would have done it. She had no problem keeping her mouth shut. She wanted to make her pay for what she did to her. You read it here first.

Speaking of reading things here first, we want to go on record saying that Sarah is most likely the one who killed Abby. She is suddenly not responding to her medication. It's exactly what she will need to get a away with what she did. She choked Nicole out of the blue and Xander tried to excuse her actions by blaming it on her medication. She is crazy enough to choke Nicole in public. She is crazy enough to kill Abby and will use the fact that she's crazy to get away with it. If Sarah didn't kill her, then she's helping Abby get revenge on Gwen. You read that theory here first.

We may need to be reminded about Ava's character. She is the same one who was responsible for killing Shawn, but she is worried about being an accessory to Gwen's crime. She is a killer and she's suddenly worried about being connected to a crime. She got away with her crime so she should get caught for something.


Page updated 6/22/22

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