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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Gabi proved once again that she doesnít care about Arianna. The first chance Gabi got she was away from Arianna. All Gabi was concerned with was proving that Jake was Stefan. You would think that she would want to spend all the time she could with Arianna considering she might have ended up in prison once again.

Why was Rafe just now finding out about Gabi? We know he was concerned about losing David, but she is still his sister. He shouldnít have had to find out about her when she was found. Rafe does have the Salem brain so he probably would have been able to find her before anyone else did.

It is something how Kate keeps defending Allie, but she is overlooking that Allie didnít go to her about the baby. If Kate and Allie were so close, Allie would have gone to her when she came to Salem. She wouldnít be with Eric. Kate doesnít need to throw it up in Lucasí face that Allie wanted to distance herself from him and Sami when she didnít exactly throw herself at Kate. It must be easy for Kate to judge since Allie isnít her daughter.

You would think that Will would be willing to believe that Jake could be Stefan since he was in a similar situation. It wasnít that long ago when Will didnít remember who he was and how he was married to Sonny. Why was it so hard to believe Jake could be going through the same thing? Does Will think the situation could only happen to him?

Once again the writers made a big deal about who the father of Allieís baby is. What is the big mystery if it is a new character? Since they are being mysterious about who the father is, it makes us think that it was someone who is/was part of the cast. We do have a suspicion on who it could be, but we will be like the Days writers and keep that hidden until it is revealed. LOL!

Page updated 6/19/20

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