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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Gabi must think a lot of herself that she felt she had to flirt with the goon to get her way. What made her think that was going to work? We know she thinks sheís beautiful, but did she really think that sheís so irresistible that he was going to forget his goal and be with her? Of course he was going to fall for that. It would have served her right if he killed her when she kicked him.

Ciara is such a control freak. She demanded that Jake not refer to Bayview as the ďloony binĒ as if she had the right to tell him what to do. It is disrespectful to refer to it as that, but she doesnít have the right to tell him what he can and cannot say. She also demanded that he tell her and Ben what was going on if he wanted their help. Who does she think she is? We donít understand why people let her tell them what to do.

Jake told Ciara and Ben why he was after Gwen. Can you believe it was just for a book? We know it has names and numbers in it, but it is still a book. We donít know what we expected, but we thought it would be a better reason than that. We have a feeling who his boss is, but it is most likely going to be a let down the way the book turned out to be.

Gabi was so predictable. She only brings up Arianna when he lifeís in danger. She told Jake that it was his fault that she was away from her daughter. Gabi didnít give Arianna a thought until she was kidnapped. The first thing that flies out of her mouth is she has a daughter. She always seems to forget about her daughter until itís convenient. Maybe she only keeps Arianna around so she could tell people that she has a daughter. She wasnít worried about Arianna when she was sneaking around trying to find out if Jake was Stefan. If she were with Arianna, she wouldnít be kidnapped now. We know soap characters arenít supposed to think about their children until itís convenient because itís considered boring, but Gabi rarely thinks about Arianna until itís convenient for her.

Page updated 6/17/20

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